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Donate to the Black Cat and help us get through this tough time in the industry. We look forward to opening and enjoying shows with everyone in the future. Thank you! We truly appreciate every dime. ♥

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16 reviews for Donation

  1. Dan Ridge

    here’s to 27 years! 3*3*3

  2. Peter Deery

    Come back soon!

  3. Michael Kyrioglou

    Thanks for the great anniversary show

  4. Adam

    Donate some money! I gave ten dollars to the Black Cat, my acne cleared up, my grandkids started calling me again, I dropped twenty pounds, and I stopped compulsively lying.

  5. Patrick Dangermond

    Not ready to lose you yet Black Cat!

  6. Jeff Thornton

    Can’t wait for the show tonight. Thanks!

  7. E

    Thanks for the anniversary show!

  8. Tony Magliero

    The Black Cat is the best thing about Washington DC!!

  9. Tony Magliero

    Miss you guys!! Can’t wait to be back.

  10. Tom Herman

    Thanks Owners…terrific show….especially your cover of Eve of Destruction!

  11. Tony Magliero

    Miss you!!

  12. Tony Magliero

    I am refunding my refund for garbagefest

  13. Tony Magliero

    I can’t imagine DC without the Black Cat

  14. Tony Magliero

    Can’t say enough great things about The Black Cat

  15. Tony Magliero

    Counting the days until your return.

  16. Tony Magliero

    Still counting the days until your return

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